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Monday, April 14, 2014

Top reasons why Jeetendra should have been bestowed with Dada Saheb Phalke Award

There were speculations this year that Jeetendra was the chosen one for Dada Saheb Phalke Award, which is generally awarded for the awardee's contribution to Indian cinema. In fact, on the night of 11th April, multiple news outlets ran the story of Jeetendra being conferred with the award.
jeetendra dada saheb phalke gulzar ekta
Even India Today had run the news of Jeetendra
winning Dada Saheb Phalke.
This had created a lot of noise in the social media at least, and unfortunately for Jeetuji, most of it was negative.
shovon chakraborty
The jury for choosing the Dada Saheb Phalke Awards probably got swayed by these negativity and decided to award Gulzar instead, thereby robbing us of a great opportunity to compile the list of Jeetendra's contributions to Indian cinema. In fact, I had almost prepared this list in my dreams, but the next morning got to know the sad news. 
jeetendra dada saheb phalke gulzar ekta tussar
Anyway, Dada or No Dada, here is the list of Jeetendra's contributions to Indian film (and other) industry, for which, he may be considered for next year's awards - 
  1. For upholding the Indian "sanskar" by paying homage to our ancestors - "The Apes". He was instrumental in including monkey jumping routines in the Indian film industry.
  2. Because, with his monkey jumping, he had also proved Charles Darwin and his Theory of Evolution to be right.
  3. For creating an aura of awesomeness by wearing only white shoes, which never got muddied even when he was running through actual mud!
  4. For single handedly creating a new products line - White Shoe Polish and thereby helped in reducing unemployment in the country.
  5. For producing Ekta Kapoor, who had given respite to lacs of husbands across the country from their nagging wives for a considerable number of years.
  6. Again for Ekta Kapoor, who was instrumental in giving a boost to the TV sales across the country, as those lacs of husbands bought a second TV, so that they could watch their cricket or football matches.
  7. For Ekta Kapoor again, who has been keeping Indian wives happy with her K-serials and Indian husbands happy with her Sunny Leone movies. (Contributed by S.K. Bhaduri)
  8. For Tusshar Kapoor, who has given valuable lessons to all aspiring actors on how not to act.
I hope that the jury will take note of this list and will definitely have a change of heart the next time around!
jeetendra dada saheb phalke gulzar ekta
jeetendra dada saheb phalke gulzar ekta

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