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Saturday, July 4, 2009

ABCD... redefined

All of you must have read in your kindergarten, that -

A for Apple
B for Ball
C for Cat etc. etc.

How about a new perspective from Keshto Mukherjee?

Read on.

A for Absolut Vodka
B for Bacardi
C for Chivas Regal
D for Director's Special
E for Eight PM
F for (The) Famous Grouse
G for Glenfiddich
H for Heineken
I for Imperial Blue Whisky
J for Johnnie Walker or Jack Daniel's (Depending on which side of the Atlantic you are from. :D)
K for Kingfisher Beer
L for Long John Scotch Whisky
M for McDowell Rum & Whisky
N for Napoleon Extra Old
O for Old Monk Rum
P for Passport Scotch Whisky
Q for Queen Anne Scotch Whisky
R for Royal Salute Whisky
S for Smrinoff
T for Teacher's
U for Uganda Waragi Gin
V for VAT 69
W for White & Mackay
X for XXX Rum
Y for Yamazaki Whisky
Z for Zingaro Beer

How was that? If you are still inquisitive about the different brands being sold in India, you can check this out.